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MSBIM 2022 PRO ArchiCAD Template + Cost and Estimating Pack

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  • Do you wish you could spend less time doing your Architecture and Engineering projects?

  • Want to produce high-quality drawings for your projects?

  • Use automated workflow

This RESOURCE is right for you!

  • Improve your ArchiCAD workflow with this robust template packed with quantifying and cost estimating tools and sample projects.

  • Create reports for all components with ready schedules that extract data from your model.

  • Use Presets views for Elevations, Sections, Plans, and details to extract high-quality drawings.

  • Put cost on your design as you model and by the time you finish the design cost estimations are ready.

  • Create a stunning presentation with builtin presets of graphic overrides combinations

What the Template has?

  • Favorites for all Tools and Object

Speed up your workflow with custom presets favorites

  • Get organized

For you to be efficient, you have to be organized. Use well-structured views in folders to manage and organize your drawings. 

  • Extract drawings with Preset Views
    Ready set views to extract high-quality drawings

  • Build Reports

Use these built-in report schedules, automated templates to extract reports for quantifying your projects.

  • Put cost with Excel Cost Estimator Tool

Link your model with costing and estimating spreadsheet with a refreshable link.

  • Share your projects with Presets Layouts

See your layout filling in the relevant information as you model.

  • Use Virtual Library

An ever-growing 3D virtual library with more than 20000 objects and tools with presets of uniformat CSI classifications and properties according to their class, graphic and visual properties and ready for reporting and quantifying. It's a robust library that is ever available.

YOUR DOWNLOADS (Archicad Version 23,24,25)

  • MSBIM 2022 PRO Template (Tpl)

  • MEP Template and Library (Pla)

  • Cost and Estimating Pack (excel)

  • MSBIM 2022 Project Sample (Pla)

  • BONUS Project (Pla)

  • MSBIM 2022 Virtual Libary (Pla)

  • MSBIM 2022 ArchiCAD PRO Template Manual eBook (Pdf)

  • EFFICIENCY-ArchiCAD Key Features eBook (Pdf)

  • How to load the template Video(Mp4)

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PRO Template
Costing and Estimation Pack
MEP Template
MSBIM Virtual Library
Sample Project
Bonus Project
EFFICIENCY-ArchiCAD Key Features eBook


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MSBIM 2022 PRO ArchiCAD Template + Cost and Estimating Pack

3 ratings
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