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MSBIM 2021 ArchiCAD Professional Template

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If you want to improve the quality of your architectural drawings, saving time, automate a lot of operations and become efficient, this is the right resource you need.

Built for Design and Construction of residential and commercial projects. Best ArchiCAD workflow with this robust template packed with schedules for reporting and quantifying.

What you will get from the Template

  •  It allows you to perform and extract data of take-offs with predefined Schedules.
  • Become consistent with modeling and data input based on predefined Favorites.
  • The ability to streamline modeling and annotation
  • Documents, presentations, and data output
  • It’s easy for you and staff to learn and use
  • The template utilizes best practice workflows
  • Save lots of time and reduce repetitive works by saving presets with data stored in them.
  • The template lets you think about architecture and design, look at design large issues without the headache of 2D stuff and time-consuming operations

What the Template has?

  • Favorites for all Tools and Object

Speed up your workflow with custom presets favorites

ArchiCAD Template -favorites

  • Get organized

For you to be efficient, you have to be organized. Use well structured views in folders to manage and organize your drawings.

ArchiCAD Template-Views

  • Extract drawings with Preset Views

Ready set views to extract high quality drawing

ArchiCAD Template -Elevation View

  • Build Reports

Use this built in report schedules, automated templates to extract report for quantifying your projects.

ArchiCAD Template-Report

  • Share your projects with Presets Layouts

See your layout filling in relevant information as you model.

ArchiCAD Template-Layout

  • Use Virtual Library

ArchiCAD Template-Virtual Library


  • MSBIM 2021 ArchiCAD template
  • MSBIM Virtual Library
  • Access to version 22 to 24 of ArchiCAD


Residential Project Example

License terms:

  • Buy one and own it for good.
  • Use it for all PC's in your office

What others Think about this Template?

''Good Evening! Right now I bought the stairs package and MSBIM 2021 ArchiCAD Template + Cost Estimating Pack. I can't wait to see how it works . The next purchace will be the lumion package. but first I have to raise money. Thank you again.''

---Costas Sandu---

''This has been so helpful''

---Christian Agiang---

"I have purchased your Door Pack and I cant wait to use it. Great jobs"

---Philip Kivunike---

Great collection. As I said before, you did an extraordinary job. I will get back to you in less than two weeks, with a request regarding the purchase of one of the model packages you are selling, which would be better for what I need. If i don't bother you. Thank you once again for your promptness. I'll be back with questions''

---Costas Sandu---

Watch the demonstration video:

NOTE: The template is offered for individual or commercial use only (educational and multi-seat licenses aren't available).

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For Commercial and Residential Projects

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Version 22-24

MSBIM 2021 ArchiCAD Professional Template

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