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Tired of watching hour-long tutorials to find a simple answer? These ArchiCAD key features will improve your ArchiCAD workflow in no time, with 100+ pages featuring step-by-step tips, demonstrations, workflows, and real-world examples of ArchiCAD projects. This consists of 1 PDF file with a convenient index.

Why you should get the book?

  • All future updates are free for customers! It will only get bigger and better.
  • Short, step-by-step tutorials, demonstrations, and workflows.
  • Additional steps and info that couldn’t fit in the  videos
  • Read and learn at your own pace
  • For beginners and pros, there’s definitely something you didn’t know about yet!
  • “I can’t believe in all these years I didn’t know this” is a reaction the tutorials often get.
  • 100+ pages.
  • ArchiCAD tips/tutorials and real-world solutions.

Who should read this book?

  • You like short, to-the-point tutorials, demonstrations, and examples.
  • You want to learn efficiëntly so you can spend more time creating.
  • Whether you are a beginner or a professional, your knowledge will get a boost!

The Book  Description

This book delivers key features to break down the ArchiCAD concept as a BIM tool, how it functions what it can do for us and how best we can maximize its capabilities. See how to stop applying traditional methods over advanced tools and embrace the power of what the software can do for us.

You cant use ArchiCAD and ignore the BIM Aspect, so this book is for everyone who wants quality assurance, saves time and cost, automate your process and workflow, take control, and manages their projects with data efficiently. ArchiCAD is a great platform for you to leverage the BIM methodology. Do things once and multiply their functions.

You can also download project samples used in this book here:

Hear what others think about the book:

I can't think of any book I came across about ArchiCAD. This is something worth having in my office for my staff to up their game. 

--Tito Keiphethetswe--

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Efficiency-ArchiCAD Key Features eBook

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